Communication Skills for Employability

A skill investment plan for students to improve their fluency in English & build their confidence.

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Every educational institution across the globe strives to deliver seamless and quality education to its students to enable them to be market and competition ready both domestically and internationally.

For overall professional development and to maintain their progressive ratio of academic results to placements, an institute strives to shape each learner with a 360 degree approach, enhancing their knowledge, presentation, soft skills and communications skills. Demonstrating strength in English communication for career development, growth and employment is of utmost importance.

Benefits for Institutes

Leading institutes aim to create a well-paved career path to each of its esteemed candidates. Therefore it is imperative to be up to date with current requirements of the workforce and provide high quality industry standard services. Institutes strive to provide their candidates with a much needed competitive edge by providing superior career support services.

About the Skill Investment Plan

Burlington English Skill Investment Plan is an online communication course for educational institutions. The plan focuses on communication skills for employment. This includes English for career growth and empowers each candidate to be market-ready even for International standards.

The English for career development course is designed and customized for educational institutions to collaboratively prepare every candidate to understand their strengths and challenges that lie ahead. English for career growth aims to produce effective communicators with strong linguistic skills, critical thinking ability, and instill a growth mindset to contribute to shaping the future. These individuals will become true leaders of tomorrow.

English for career development, growth and English for employment are the key pillars of Burlington’s online educational courses for educational institutions.

Why Us?

We believe that education is the most powerful tool to build a better tomorrow. Through our tested and tried methodologies and the years of experience we have in the private, public, and NGO sectors worldwide, we have identified strengths and weaknesses of education in the rapidly changing world in digital times. We have specialized in understanding learning styles, the importance of teaching resources and matched these to the requirements of the job market regardless of industry. Our English for Career development equips students with the right communication and language skills they need, to be strong candidates in the workforce.

Welcome to Burlington English! We are your proud partners in providing high-quality Educational institute solutions.

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Our Training - Impact Overview

The fear of appearing for an interview is real. Candidates are often overcome with anxiety at the thought of facing curveballs from interviewers. Effective training can help reduce the pressure by making candidates well prepared and confident enough to be able to articulate themselves in interviews. This gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their technical and relevant knowledge with ease as their communication skills will support their interactions. Our skills development plan aims to prepare potential candidates to deliver their very best during interviews.


Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Fluency

Confidence of speaking in groups, Persona Enhancement, Soft Skills, Interpersonal and Intercultural Skills

Time to learn additional skills

Better Job, Salary and Growth,
Placements, Entrepreneur skills

How Do We Help?

Burlington SpeechTrainer®

Focused feedback from Tutor,
Special workshops,
Industry exposure, Group learnings

Online Tutoring +
Application based learning

Interview Skills, Presentation Skills,
Public Speaking,
Career assistance

BE SpeechTrainer®

Our patented AI technology identifies your pronunciation errors and provides you with  personalised pronunciation practice and progress assessment.  Perfect your pronunciation by learning English online with Burlington English.


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