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Enroll in the C1 advanced English language course to level up your vocabulary, pronunciation & grammar

Do you speak English well but feel that
you don’t get enough chances to use it?
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Would you like to eliminate grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation errors
so that you speak English accurately and precisely with zero errors?
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Do you want to use sophisticated English more confidently
to open up to more growth opportunities in your life?
If you answered “yes”, our Advanced English
speaking course is just the right pick for you!

Advanced English Classes

With our advanced spoken English course, you will build on your existing skills to become a polished, sophisticated speaker of English at the CEFR C1 advanced level. You’ll rapidly gain confidence and learn a wide range of idiomatic phrases and expressions to let your English shine in every situation.

Burlington’s English Advanced English Speaking online courses will help you to take your English to the next level. when you join our advanced level English course.

Our expert tutors will guide you on every step of your learning journey, so by the end of your advanced English classes, You will equip yourself with advanced English grammar, vocabulary, and the confidence you need to always make an excellent impression at work and in social situations. In each live lesson, you’ll practice speaking English with a small, friendly group. Get the English you need for every situation with a Burlington online Advanced level English course.

It’s easy to enroll in Burlington’s advanced 
English classes. Start your journey to a better future now!
2/4 Months
Live Topic Lessons
24 / 48
Total Live Hours
24 / 48

Learn Advanced English Online

Check out the highlights of our beginner English speaking
course and enhance your daily conversations.

Advanced English speaking course takeaway

After enrolling in Burlington’s English advanced level course, you’ll get Premium Access to Burlington’s
world-class online resources. Using these exciting materials will help you to forge ahead on your
advanced English learning journey and support you in achieving your learning goals. Making full use of
our Premium Access materials will put you on the fast track to language learning success!

You’ll be able to use English more accurately by significantly reducing the number of small errors you make while speaking.

You’ll be able to understand a range of English accents while at the same time, ironing out the errors in your own pronunciation.

You’ll hold your own in meetings, group discussions, and presentations with added confidence and precision.

You’ll find out how to express abstract ideas, complex thoughts, and nuanced emotions in any situation.

You’ll learn how to give feedback, describe experiences, and speculate about the future with an advanced command of the functions of the English language.

Career Exploration & Soft Skills –The Burlington Career Exploration and Soft Skills course for C1 advanced learners is designed to help you plan your career pathway and explore career options. You will also gain the workplace soft skills needed to find a job and succeed in your chosen career.

Career Word Lists – Burlington Career Word Lists cover more than 40 careers across 12 sectors to help you learn the words and expressions relevant to your career pathway. Specially designed for C1 advanced English language learners, our Career Word Lists provide you with the career-specific language you need to succeed.

Digital Readers – Lose yourself in a good book! Improve your advanced English language skills with our range of fiction and non-fiction readers. The more you read, the wider your vocabulary will become. Or if you prefer, listen in with our audio option to develop your listening skills.

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