Perfect Your Pronunciation with Burlington Speech Trainer®

A fact that is overlooked a lot when you learn a language is correct pronunciation. They vary from country to country, and there are a lot of debates on what the ‘right’ pronunciation of words are. These arise out of common situations that are not deliberate. People often read a word and attempt to say it as they see it, which sometimes leads to mispronouncing it. It is an excellent effort, and they should not be blamed for trying. Sometimes, a certain person might mispronounce a word, but people start copying him/her, which is indeed misleading but unavoidable. The good thing, however, is that these errors can easily be corrected in the learning process itself. Good communication is so essential that people are always striving to learn, improve and correct such mistakes.

At Burlington, the Speech Trainer takes control of this need. This patented technology makes sure that your learning is custom designed for each person, by analysing your learning behaviours. It makes sure that you learn from your mistakes, and so it identifies weak areas by keeping track of errors and creating exclusive practice drills for you. The Speech trainer will ensure your articulation as you speak, by practicing with sound discriminations and minimal pairs differentiation that help you understand. Whatever you learn and incorporate from speech trainer, will shine out in your elocutions.

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