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About Burlington Courses

Burlington English offers high-quality spoken English courses trained by experienced, competent teachers who will help you improve your language, gain confidence and prepare you to engage in an increasingly globalised world. Burlington has established itself as a reputed provider through consistent delivery of well-crafted English Speaking courses.

The English communication skills courses online offered by Burlington is a game changer in the true sense for any candidate who wants to learn communication skills. Empowering every candidate with effective communication skills to be more articulate along with a growth mindset is the main objective of this online English communication skills training.

The schedule of the online English speaking courses comes with flexible options. You can select slots as per your convenience from the schedule offered.

Seeking to enhance your career prospects?
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Seeking a better employability?
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Looking for opportunities to work abroad or with an international team?
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Then You Need A Good Command On English!

Here you not only learn how to speak fluently in English, but you also increase your chances to get a good job, with a renewed confidence.  Our live classes train you in every aspect of communicative English by helping to improve your conversational fluidity, expand your vocabulary for effective usage, and enhance your pronunciation and diction.

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Exposure to English Art
and Media

There are digital readers available with our conversational English course, providing students with exposure to art, audio and literature alongside their classes.

Improve your career Potential

Empower yourself with upgrading your resume with honing your communication skills in the most spoken business language of the world.

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Communicate with
More people

English is the de facto lingua franca in today's world, making written and conversational English communication a necessity for working with people around the world.

Study Abroad

Being an excellent English communicator can help you work with people from different nationalities and cultures. Become a global citizen and a team player by improving your English communication.

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Work in a
Diverse team

Being an excellent English communicator can help you work with people from different nationalities and cultures. Become a global citizen and a team player by improving your English communication.

Learn to speak English fluently with Burlington

We embark on a journey with our students as they create new learning curves, improve critical thinking and reach their true potential as effective and articulate communicators. Through our English Speaking course, students can learn conversational English and expect high quality online English communication skills training.

Burlington English offers expert tutors that deliver English classes online through our state-of-the-art digital platform. We offer four different levels of courses alongside a flexible schedule which allows you to become an excellent English speaker at your own pace and time. We offer a personalised learning experience through interactions with your tutors and classmates to help you on your English journey.

Our unique digital resources include our patented SpeechTrainer R which listens to you speak, identifies your errors, and delivers a customised pronunciation plan to improve your spoken English. Learning conversational English online has never been easier with Burlington English courses. So if you want to ace your next interview, go for higher education, become a highly desirable employee, or just have a passion for language learning then Burlington English courses are for you!

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