Empower Students with Confident Expression to Become
Global Communicators

Live Speaking for young visionaries to unlock the power of speech!

Burlington English is here to enhance your learners’ thinking and speaking capabilities. With our latest digital programme- Live Speaking, you ensure that students collaborate with one another to become more expressive, perceptive, responsible, creative problem solvers, and globally empowered.

Why Choose Live Speaking for Your Learners?

Activity-based, small-group lessons

Online sessions with small groups for undivided attention

Thematic Lessons

Real-life theme-based lessons for students to correlate

Internationally Trained Mentors

Prolific language experts, experienced to teach foundational age groups

Aligned to CEFR

Covers a wide range of levels from A1.2 to B2.1

Connection with School Curricula

Exciting topics, linking the language to what is themes explored at school

Give Wings to Your learners’ Words!

Your Students Deserve to Build a Global Outlook!

Live Speaking brings together international experts on one platform- at your learners’ doorsteps!
The classes are designed to immerse learners in language rich input, while creating global citizens with a new-age outlook. The engagements aid learners imbibe curiosity, respectfulness, reflectiveness, and independence, as they collaborate with each other.
Live Speaking ensures that your learners take learning beyond speech training- it develops learners holistically, equipping them with the confidence and skills to research, develop critical thought, and discuss ideas and issues based out of larger realities.

Lesson Structure


Videos, dialogues, songs, quizzes, and stories springboard into creative speaking tasks


Fun games with appealing graphics get students warmed up and ready to speak about familiar topics


Round – Up questions and answers give students the opportunity to personalise the topic

Multi-faceted resources exposing learners to diverse ethnicities and initiating them into the world of creative problem solving!

Aligned with Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) for global learning outcomes

Developing active listening skills with interactive lesson

Grade 8 (Age 13-14)

Grade 7 (Age 12-13)

Grade 6 (Age 11-12)

Grade 5 (Age 10-11)

Grade 4 (Age 9-10)

Grade 3 (Age 8-9)

Live Speaking B2.1

Live Speaking B1.2

Live Speaking B1.1

Live Speaking A2.2

Live Speaking A2.2

Live Speaking A1.2

Themes Explored

We indulge learners to widen their avenues building on various themes close to their real-lives, deconstructing their lived experiences, and making connections with others.

Discover the power of global thought coupled with fluent expression!

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