Intermediate English Course

Develop your vocabulary, improve your fluency & confidence.

Intermediate English Speaking Course

Do you speak quite good English but lack the vocabulary and confidence to speak it more fluently? Do you understand a lot of what’s being said in an English conversation, but want to understand more? Do you want sharpen your English language skills to enhance your employment prospects or move up the corporate ladder? If you answered “yes”, our intermediate English lessons are just right for you! With our speaking for intermediate students classes, you will notice a quick improvement. You will build your vocabulary, iron out issues with your spoken grammar, and build up the confidence you need to start speaking English like a professional. Our intermediate English lessons will help you to use your English in a way that makes you shine! Join a speaking for intermediate students class today to hone your spoken English skills and propel yourself forward in your career. We’ll provide you with the grammar, vocabulary, and confidence you need to excel at an intermediate English level. Our expert tutors will guide you on every step of your learning journey, so by the end of your intermediate English lessons, you’ll have the words and expressions you need to talk about a huge range of complex topics! You’ll be able to state your opinion clearly and persuasively, make your points heard in discussions, and use your English effectively in almost any situation. Practice what you’ve learned in class with our Student Topic lessons and perfect your pronunciation with the Burlington Speech Trainer®. Soon, you’ll find speaking fluent English easy and natural. What’s more, our speaking for intermediate students package gives you Premium Access to our world-class Burlington learning materials. It’s easy to enrol in our intermediate English lessons. Start your journey to a better future now!

Intermediate English Course Topics

Our Burlington intermediate English lessons cover 48 interesting topics – one per lesson – to give you a wide range of vocabulary and practice. In each live lesson you’ll practice your intermediate English speaking skills with a small, friendly group. It’s time to get ready for the future. In your Burlington speaking for intermediate students classes, you’ll not only learn English, you’ll learn English communication!

Intermediate English Lesson Topics Cover

  • Education & learning: Speak confidently about your educational achievements and future aspirations. Find out about alternative forms of higher education and express your ideas and opinions.
  • Technology: From online shopping, to social media to wearable tech, learn how to talk about current developments and future trends in the wonderful world of technology.
  • Entertainment & the media: Talk confidently about your favourite movies, TV shows and sports contests. Learn how to express your opinions about current burning issues around the world and items in the daily news.
  • The environment: Learn the language of the green revolution! Hold your own in debates and discussions about the climate crisis, and find the words you need to talk about the latest developments in eco-tech.
  • Holidays, leisure & lifestyle: Speak fluently about the things you love to do in your free time to destress and relax. Make a great impression by telling interesting stories about your travels and adventures.
  • Work & career: Find out how to speak clearly and meaningfully about your job, your career, and your professional achievements. Learn the language of business to give you the edge in today’s competitive world.
  • People & society: Speak about your culture, heritage and community with fluency and confidence. Learn how to talk about city life and country living and a range of other society-focussed topics.
By the end of this level, you will be able to use intermediate English language in a wide variety of social and professional situations. Our Burlington speaking classes for intermediate students will help you to move from simply knowing about English to using English with verve and confidence.
  • You’ll be able to English more confidently – our intermediate English lessons will give you the confidence to use your English in any situation.
  • You’ll be able to understand native English speakers more easily – speaking and listening go together: better speaking skills means better listening skills.
  • You’ll know more English words – use Burlington Vocabulary practice to find the right words for all of your personal and professional conversations.
  • You’ll iron out your spoken grammar errors and start producing more accurate, polished spoken English.

Student Topic Lessons

Burlington Student Topic Lessons at an intermediate English level give you anytime-anywhere access to vocabulary, grammar, and personalized pronunciation practice. Designed to boost and consolidate learning from your Live Topic Lessons, Student Topic Lessons also feature printable word lists, word games, and translation support for a variety of Indian languages. The perfect partner to your live speaking class for intermediate students, this blended learning resource will help you to fast-track your progress and see rapid improvements.
  • Multilingual Support
  • Vocabulary practice and printable word lists
  • Word lists for specific careers
  • Personalized pronunciation practice with Burlington Speech Trainer®
  • Burlington Progress Tracker to monitor your achievements

Premium Access

When you enrol in Burlington intermediate English lessons, you’ll get Premium Access to Burlington’s world-class online resources. Using these exciting materials will help you to forge ahead on your intermediate English learning journey and support you in achieving your learning goals. Making full use of our Premium Access materials will put you on the fast track to language learning success!

Career Exploration & Soft SkillsThe Burlington Career Exploration and Soft Skills course for intermediate English level learners is designed to help you plan your career pathway and explore career options. You will also gain the workplace soft skills needed to find a job and succeed in your chosen career.

Career Word ListsBurlington Career Word Lists cover more than 40 careers across 12 sectors to help you learn the words and expressions relevant to your career pathway. Specially designed for intermediate English language learners, our Career Word Lists provide you with the career specific language you need to succeed.

Digital ReadersLose yourself in a good book! Improve your intermediate English language skills with our range of fiction and non-fiction readers. The more you read, the wider your vocabulary will become. Or if you prefer, listen in with our audio option to develop your listening skills.


2 Months / 4 months

Live Topic Lessons

24 / 48

Total Live Hours

24 / 48

New Topics Per Week


Premium Access

2 Months / 4 months

Student Topic Lessons

2 Months / 4 months

Burlington English Tutors

Our experienced tutors will provide you with the expertise and advice you need to embark on a successful learning journey with Burlington English. All of our tutors have been trained to international standards to bring you the best possible learning experience.

Our tutors hold English language teaching qualifications from the University of Cambridge (UK), Trinity College London (UK), and other recognised institutions.

If you speak some English but lack the vocabulary, accuracy, and confidence to use it fluently, then our Intermediate Spoken English classes may be right for you. You’ll build the confidence and fluency to talk about complex topics in a range of professional and social situations.


Yes, you will receive a Burlington English certificate stating that you have completed either 24 or 48 hours of spoken English classes at CEFR B1 level. You must attend all 24 or 48 live Topic Lessons to receive the certificate.

No, you can’t transfer your classes to another learner.

For any queries you may have, please speak directly to your tutor during class, or email us [email protected]

Please complete the form on our website. One of our experts will then get in touch with you and explain the entire process.

Learning a language is a lifelong process – not something that can happen overnight. After attending your Burlington Topic Lessons, you will be able to communicate more confidently and fluently, and with a wider range of vocabulary.

When we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you an access code for your Live Topic Lessons, Student Topic Lessons and Premium Access material.

You can use the Student Topic Lessons and Premium Access material for the duration of your subscription (2 months or 4 months). You can download and print word lists for each Student Topic Lesson.

A 2-month subscription includes 24 live Topic Lessons which are delivered online via Zoom. Each class lasts for 60 minutes. A 4-month subscription includes 48 live classes. There are three new live Topic Lessons available each week. Each Live Topic lesson is available for two days at a variety of times. You can schedule your Topic Lessons on the day and time that you want with our online scheduling tool.

We hope that this won’t happen! However, if you feel that your class is too easy or too difficult, you should speak to your tutor about moving to another level.

Your teacher will provide you with regular feedback about your spoken English during your live Topic Lessons. Our Progress Tracker tool allows you to monitor your performance through Student Topic Lessons and other Premium Access material. And don’t forget to assess yourself! If you’re feeling more confident about using English, and speaking it more easily and fluently, then you’re making progress!

Not necessarily – it depends on the teacher’s timetable and the days / times you decide to schedule your classes. But don’t worry! All of our tutors are highly skilled experts who know how to deliver an excellent online learning experience

It’s your choice! You can schedule all 24 or 48 Topic Lessons in advance if you want to. Booking closes 1 hour before the Topic Lesson begins.

Yes, you can change / cancel your class on the online scheduler. You must do this at least 6 hours before the class begins.

If you do not attend a class you have scheduled, you will still be marked as present on our system, and you will lose that lesson. Please remember to cancel your class if you can’t attend!

We would be very sad if we had to lose you! We currently have no refund policy, so we encourage you to attend classes for the full 2 or 4 months.

Normally, we don’t cancel classes. However, if there are any changes, we’ll contact you well in advance.

Our maximum class size is 12 students.

We hope that our tutors will be able to deal with your questions during class. You can also write to us at this address : [email protected]

To access our live, online classes, you’ll need a minimum of a stable 3G or 4G internet connection. A faster internet connection will provide a smoother experience.

Yes, you can! However, you’ll get a richer, more immersive experience if you attend classes on a device with a larger screen.

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2 Months / 4 Months

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