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Improve your conversational English and speak with confidence

Are you good at English but lack the
vocabulary and confidence to speak it fluently?
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Do you understand a lot of what is being said in an English
conversation, but find yourself wanting to contribute more to it?
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Are you looking to hone your English language skills to enhance
your employment prospects and move up the corporate ladder?
If your answer is “YES”, then our Intermediate English speaking
lessons are just right for you!

Learn English Intermediate Level

The online intermediate English course will provide you with the grammar, vocabulary, and confidence that you need to gain English language proficiency at the B1 CEFR level.

Our expert tutors will guide you at every step of your learning journey, hence by the end of your intermediate English speaking course, you will have the words and expressions you need to talk about a vast range of complex topics!

You will be able to express your opinions, clearly and persuasively, state your points in a cohesive manner, engage in meaningful discussions, and use English effectively in almost any situation.

When you enroll in Burlington’s intermediate English lessons, you’ll get premium access to Burlington’s world-class online resources. Using these exciting and interactive study materials will help you to power through your intermediate-English learning journey and get support in achieving your learning goals. Making full use of our premium-access materials through our B1 english course online will put you on a fast track to success.

Start your journey to a better future now!

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Online Intermediate English Speaking Course Takeaway

Our Intermediate English speaking course is designed to enhance your ability to participate meaningfully in complex conversations. Our team has carefully selected topics and the right pedagogical tools to achieve this academic goal. The topics include:

Online Intermediate English Speaking Course Takeaway

By the end of this level, you will be able to communicate effectively and fluently in a wide variety of social and professional situations with a renewed sense of confidence. Our Burlington online english speaking classes for intermediate students will help you gain spoken English proficiency at the CEFR B1, B1+ – B2 levels.

You will be able to:

Speak English more confidently and fluently: Our intermediate English lessons will give you the confidence you need to use your communicative skills in any situation.

Understand native English speakers more easily- Speaking and listening go together: Better speaking skills mean better listening skills. This will improve your overall communication skills at work and/or socially.

Use more intermediate English words and phrases - Use Burlington Vocabulary practice to find the right vocabulary for personal and professional conversations.

Iron out your spoken grammar errors, pronunciation, and intonation.: Start producing more accurate, clear spoken English and be a more articulate communicator.

The Burlington Career Exploration and Soft Skills course for intermediate English level learners is designed to help you plan your career pathway and explore career options. You will also gain the power skills needed for workplace and to find a job so as to succeed in your chosen field.

Career Word Lists – Burlington Career Word Lists cover more than 40 careers across 12 sectors to help you learn the words and expressions relevant to your career pathway. Specially designed for intermediate English language learners, our Career Word Lists provide you with the career-specific language you need to succeed.

Digital Readers – Lose yourself in a good book! Improve your intermediate English language skills with our range of fiction and non-fiction readers. The more you read, the wider your vocabulary will become. Or, if you prefer, you can even listen in with our audio option to develop your listening skills.

Join our intermediate English course today to hone your
spoken English skills and propel yourself forward in your career.

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