Reading Hour

Reading skills are a crucial part of academic and professional success.

Reading enriches the

Mind, Heart, & Soul.

Sign up for Burlington Reading Hour to help your learners develop a solid reading habit and acquire the skills they need to deal with challenging texts.

Burlington Reading Hour helps turn students into active makers of meaning and teaches them the strategies that all good readers employ:


& Contrast


main Ideas

Making Connections

Burlington Reading Hour integrates 21st century skills into the reading syllabus by focusing on:





When you enrol on the Burlington Reading Hour programme, you get:

Access to 5
carefully graded digital readers
Live, interactive sessions to challenge and inspire students

Burlington Graded Readers

The Burlington Graded Readers series provides learners with a wide range of digital and printed readers available at CEFR levels A1+ to B2. The series features a wide range of classic and modern fiction from a variety of genres, including adventure, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and short story collections. A selection of biographies of famous people is also available, along with other non-fiction titles. This wide range of genres ensures that different learner preferences are catered for and offers a fantastic opportunity to introduce learners to the wonderful world of literature.

Beautiful, full-colour

Cross-curricular activities

Book report format

Character sketches help learners to better understand and relate to the characters in the story


Access to complementary digital resources

A wide range of pre-and
post-reading activities

Context setting sections help learners to understand the socio-cultural environment that the work is set in

Lexical focus to
build vocabulary

Teacher's section includes a plot summary and a list of main themes and characters

About the Author sections help learners find out about the author and how and when the work was written

Cross-curricular projects and activities link events in the story to the real world and promote holistic learning, creativity, and thinking skills

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