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Burlington English offers AI-enabled adaptive language testing and personalised training technology with a human touch to enhance language proficiency of your talent pool.

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Testing and English Language Development Solutions 

Informed Talent Screening – Language Assessment

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Bespoke Language Learning Solutions – English Language Skills

Tailored to varied learning styles

Enhanced English fluency

AI-enabled coach for pronunciation

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Immersive learning to discover, upskill & retain the finest!

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English is the global language of business communication.  Burlington English creates and empowers a team of leading business professionals. We tailor a course best suited to the needs of your team. Our AI-led innovations enhance performance output through language-level analysis, skill-gap identification, competency-mapping, and feedback analysis to expedite meaningful and confident talent decisions.

Global Mentors on a Global Mission

For over 40 years, Burlington has rendered its concretely research-backed, innovative English models to over 3.5 M learners, elegantly executed by rigorously trained educators known to impact the sphere of English language training. 


VTest to Hire Right!

VTest is an affordable, reliable, adaptable state-of-the-art English language testing solution that assesses all four components of language- Listening,Speaking, Reading, and Writing. It gives an elaborate picture of the English proficiency of the test-taker, and comprehensive feedback on bridging the language-learning gaps.

Patented Speech Trainer- Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device!

Our AI-powered Speech Trainer coaches professionals to attain perfection in pronunciation to communicate effectively in a corporate setting. Our technology supports 11 different Indian languages and identifies the slightest deviation from native sounds, providing elaborate demonstration of accurate articulation.

Certified Competence

A formal recognition of upskilling to your employees can act as a tangible benefit provided by their workplace. Employees develop skills at par with professionals across the map.

Burlington English Language Proficiency Assessment

Analysis of all four skills- Listening,  
Speaking, Reading, and Writing

Easy test taking- anytime, anywhere, any device

Adaptive to individual’s knowledge level

Generates team and individual reports

Identifies learning gaps- bridges with 
comprehensive feedback

Language levels mapped to Common European
Framework of Reference for Languages

Diagnostic proctored assessment

Vtest aids in apprised scouting, analytical promoting

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to improve assessment effectiveness & security

Corporate Language-Learning Solutions

Choose the Programme that Suits Your Team the Best


Aimed to train professionals for simple to complex communications in corporate/professional setting through General English Programme.

General English comprises of Everyday (Beginner), Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced English lessons (1 and 2), to help you:

  1. Participate in social interactions
  2. Use a range of common English expressions in a variety of situations
  3. Write a variety of simple texts clearly and accurately
  4. Ask and answer questions while stating opinions, point of view, and basic explanations
  5. Focus on all skills of language communication- Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing


Aimed to develop corporate-ready professionals with advanced fluency professional settings with a special focus on career-specific theme

Career-Specific Themes Explored

Business Management & Administration

  1. Education & Training
  2. Finance
  3. Health Science
  4. Hospitality & Tourism
  5. Human Services
  6. Information Technologies
  7. Law Public safety, corrections & security
  8. Marketing
  9. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  10. Transportation, distribution & logistics
  11. Travel
  12. Relocation


Instrumental power skills for day-to-dayclient interactions
Input Rich | Comprehensive|
Blended Course

Few of the Themes Explored:

  1. At Work
  2. Professional Email Writing
  3. Effective Meetings
  4. Cross-cultural situations

  1. Your Company Profile 
  2. Time Management 
  3. Negotiation
  4. Networking
  5. Recruitment

Time Management
  1. Negotiation
  2. Networking
  3. Recruitment
  4. Advanced
  5. Management Styles
  6. Innovation
  7. Merger and Acquisition
  8. Intergenerational Workplace
  9. The Change Challenge
  10. Superior Customer Service

Mode of Delivery: Online/Hybrid

  1. Burlington instructor-led

2. Company’s internal trainers post Train the Trainer (TTT) session by BE

3. Self-Study

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Testing and English Language Development Solutions 

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