Why English is important for a career

Why English is important for a career?

English language acquires more than 1,121 million speakers across the world. In this number, the contribution of non-native speakers is way higher than native speakers. This number definitely proves the popularity and use of the English language around the globe. English language today has become the language of international communication.

So, here in this article, we’ll be learning more English language and why English is important for a career. We’ll also be discussing its importance in employment, the corporate world, and in workplace and business communication.

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Importance of English in a Successful Career

Why English is important for a career?

English is the number 1 tool for employability, it is no longer a demand, but has become a necessity.

Whether you want to get your dream job, become an entrepreneur, or go abroad for higher studies, you need to learn the English language. Being a universal language, it helps you in communicating with others with fluency and confidence. Along with this, it gives you an edge over your competitors and helps you in growing in your career.

Importance of English in Employment

Importance of English in employment

Well, today’s corporate world is ready to teach and train you for the job. But, the least they expect you to be is a confident person, and being fluent in English is a part of them.

Especially talking about India, there are many Multi-National Companies (MNCs) that have invested and expanded in India. These private MNCs are looking for talented candidates, and fluency in English communication is one of their top requirements. Being fluent in English makes you confident and an effective communicator and presenter. This makes you stand out at your job and even crack interviews with confidence.

Why English is important for a job in a corporation?

Why is English important for a job in corporation

Today almost every job, from a blue-collar job to a white-collar job demands you to have the knowledge of the English language, which highlights the importance of the English language in career development. Even if you are not proficient in the language, you have to at least be familiar with it. Let’s find out why English is important for a job.

Universal Language:

With millions of native and non-native speakers, English has become a language that is used universally. It helps you to communicate while you are traveling or working possibly anywhere in the world. So, if you gain fluency in English speaking, your chances of communicating effectively are higher than others.

Opens doors to new job opportunities:

Almost every job today demands good English communication skills.  With fluent English communication skills, 80% of your work is done, no matter if you are looking to expand your own business or want to crack an interview.

Enhances your personality:

When you understand a language and know how to use it fluently and confidently, it reflects in your personality. Every employer provides you with technical training in the few initial weeks of your starting the job, which helps you in understanding your role better. But good communication skills and confidence can help you in distinguishing yourself from the crowd and stand out.

Popular Business Language:

English helps you in understanding common business communications easily. Maximum of business contracts, deals, and even product descriptions are written in the English language. So, to stay updated and understand the language of business throughout the world, it is important for you to learn English.

English for workplace communication

On your regular day in your office, you can need English for almost everything. You need it for talking to your colleagues, giving presentations, and understanding and writing corporate documents. Let’s understand in detail the importance of English in business communication.

Job Application:

Write a compelling job application to land your dream job. Mention effective communication skills, and advanced English speaking skills in your job application.

 CV & cover letter:

Give a great impression by writing an advanced CV and cover letter. Your employer should get to know about your English fluency, vocabulary, and grammar with the cover letter itself.

 Job Interview:

It is important for candidates to give a great first impression in a job interview to get selected. Your English speaking skills help you in doing the same. Be confident and clear while answering and sharing your ideas in the interview.

 Formal Language:

 Our regular day-to-day casual English speaking is different than the English language used in the corporate world. You need to learn and use formal English speaking to create an impact while communicating.


Giving presentations is one of the biggest parts of being in a job or business. With fluent English, good vocabulary, and confidence you can pitch your greatest ideas.

Business letters:

Along with spoken English, proficiency in written English is equally important. Make sure that while writing a business letter you sound confident and authoritative.

Resignation letter:

Leaving an organization is a difficult decision for both the employee and the employer. While writing your resignation letter, make sure to use English writing skills to sound grateful for the time spent there, while wishing them luck for the future.


Importance of English in career development in different fields

Let’s address the most asked question about the importance of English, i.e., ‘How can English help in my career’.

Information Technology:

The IT industry demands you to be familiar with the basic IT terminologies like hardware, software, internet, etc. For collaborating and understanding new updates in the world of Information Technology you should be proficient in the English language.


To understand bills, invoices, rules and regulations, and new compliances of the world, you need to be familiar with English. This helps you in understanding rules and regulations worldwide.


English is the most commonly used language on different mediums like the internet, newspapers, or social media. So, in order to market your products or services, you need to be familiar with English and use it to reach your potential customers.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security:

The worldwide laws, public safety, and security regulations are released in English. So, if you wish to join this industry, you should be familiar with the universal language, i.e., English.

Health Science:

Health Science is all about reaching out to people and talking to them about their health to improve their living. So, in this case, knowing English will help you in reaching out and connecting to audiences on a global level.

Business Management & Administration:

To manage your own business and its operations it is important for you to be proficient in English. This will help you in getting more clients and managing your existing employees.

Education & Training:

To educate and train students worldwide it is highly beneficial to know a commonly used language like English. This will ensure that you reach maximum students and they can easily understand what you teach.

 Hospitality & Tourism:

While traveling to another country, one of the main issues tourists face is to learn how to communicate. By using a universal language like English, this issue can be solved and anyone can travel anywhere easily and talk to others.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics:

Science and technology are the same everywhere, and so is their language on the internet. Learning the English language will help you in adapting to these technologies very smoothly.

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics:

When you want to send transport or your logistics all around the world, it becomes important for you to communicate in a universal language. Learning and understanding English will help you in talking to people in any country in the world.

 Travel & Relocation:

If your job demands you to relocate and travel a lot, you need to learn a commonly used language such as English. This will make sure that you don’t face any difficulty while living in a different country.


In short, learning English will give a boost to your career. It will help you in landing your dream job or starting your own business.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and open new opportunities for yourself!


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